Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Homemade Remedies for Bird Flu

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Homemade Remedies for Bird Flu
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Homemade Remedies for Bird Flu
Monday, 05 December 2016


Avian flu, also referred to as bird flu and conventionally as avian influenza, refers to flu caused by microorganisms that infect birds & make them ill. It's contagious ailment of birds caused by type A breed of the influenza virus. HPAI - the more virulent one - is the one health care institutions are extra apprehensive about. Avian flu impacts several stock of birds, which includes farmed poultry, that is chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks.
Avian influenza may be communicated from livestock to wild birds & also to pets, & vice-versa. The virus proliferates via infected birds, with the assistance of their saliva, nasal discharge, feces, & feed.
Birds get ill if they are in contact with contaminated animal waste, or polluted surfaces. Domesticated poultry acquires infection as a result of straight contact with diseased waterfowl, other infected livestock, or tainted surfaces of cages & other farming tools & installations.
Like other variants of flu, bird flu symptoms generally includes:
1) Increased temperature (fever)
2) Aching muscles
3) Head pain
4) Respiratory sings, for example a cough or runny nose
5) Abdominal (tummy) pain, chest pain, and bleeding from the nose & gums.

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1) Turmeric
Turmeric contains a element known as curcumin that has potent anti-inflammatory & antibiotic properties. It's wonderful as a organic cure for human beings suffering from bird flu as its anti-inflammatory properties help to treat the fever.

2) Ginger and Garlic
Ginger & garlic are used in almost every homes for for the motive of cooking and also comprises of lots of therapeutic properties which aid in improving your health. They contain elements that have anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial qualities which aid in the natural curing of bird flu.

3) Green Tea
It is full of antioxidants and consists of elements which comprise of potent anti-viral qualities. Avian flu virus needs an enzyme called neuraminidase in order to reproduce, & green tea helps to prevent its release, thus working as an excellent natural remedy for bird flu.

4) Vitamin C
Viral infections for example bird flu can be prevented by enhancing your body’s immunity. Vitamin C is very useful for this purpose and turns your immunity stronger. You may gain vitamin C smoothly from citrus fruits since the are the most excellent organic sources of this crucial vitamin.

5) Astralagus
Astralagus is an herb that has been employed in archaic Chinese cures to boost immune system & enhance resilience to infections like bird flu.


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